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 Discover the tools to help you increase your sales on the internet. Technology today allows you to save time and make money while you sleep.

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"If You Had Just One Opportunity To Seize Everything You've Ever Wanted... By Promoting Just One Headline... Would You Know What To Write?"

Guess what? You better because
one shot may be all you get!

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Now You Can Drive Insane Traffic To Your Web Site Using The Magic of Article Submission...

...and it all happens practically on autopilot!

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 Headline Creator

  Article Submitter

Headline Creator Pro will automatically spit out Time-Tested, Proven, Result- Oriented headlines based on the greatest headlines in history... and do it in 17 Seconds Flat with Push-Button Ease.


Article Submitter is the Fastest and Easiest way to get your articles posted on hundreds of article directories without spending hours and hours on the manual labor of doing so!



Discover the tools and techniques needed to create a massive online income.

This package includes:

Headline Creator - Creat memorable headlines in 4 easy steps

Stop The Pain And Start The Profit!

Today, money is "created" by the words you say, how effectively you say them and how quickly you get them in front of your readers.

Hard Truth #1: If your sales letter doesn't hit all the right, hot buttons your reader is off to the next great thing.

There's a lot of pressure in knowing that the very first 10-20 words on your sales letter are the most important for you... and possibly your family. It's like having to earn a Perfect 10.0 in the Olympics to win Gold yet you've never done better than 3.7 all season long. Will you Win the Gold and stand atop the podium of success or stare at your competition, stuck on the bench with nothing to show for your efforts?

Hard Truth #2: Your sales copy's ultimate success or ultimate failure hinges on how persuasive your headline is.

You scramble desperately for the answers, but they just won't appear. You spend every exhausting night and day dusting off every book you have in your possession just to try to find one small glimmer of hope. The most exciting headline you come across is just slightly more exciting than watching grass grow.

You dig deep in every corner of your computer's hard drive and to the ends of the Internet in search of that one, right, winning answer. You only become more sick and tired of the endless regurgitated info that is scattered across the internet like a faulty landmine waiting to blow up in your face.

Hard Truth #3: If you aren't a skilled master copywriter you won't find the answers in your head, which means you must find help from someone or something -- FAST!

Your next "Great Idea" is to hop online and find a copywriter Quick. You check out the latest prices. BOOM! -- Like a punch right between the eyes they charge more per hour -- OUCH! -- than you make in a week. I don't know about you, but I don't want to mortgage my house in hopes of getting winning headlines.

"I love Headline Creator Pro! This makes coming up with headlines a snap--and fun, to boot. Since headlines are THE most important part of any ad or letter, this cool new tool is priceless. I can't wait to use it again!

It's more fun than video games and way more profitable!"

Joe Vitale, #1 Best-Selling Author - "Spiritual Marketing"


Hard Truth #4: Hiring a copywriting Pro ain't cheap.

  • How can you create a powerful, proven and profit-pulling headline without having to sell your living room furniture off piece by piece until your house guests are all sitting on the floor or dipping into your children's college fund -- the one you swore you'd never touch?
  • How do you convert casual readers of your sales letter without pulling your hair out with the time-sucking chore of producing a winning headline?
  • How do you spend your time, and emotional and financial bank accounts wisely to craft the perfect sales letter that will get customers literally dropping money at your feet without needing an 8th day in the week to accomplish it?

Article Submitter

Feature one

Article Submitter has 138 Auto Fill article directories for you to start posting your articles to!  It also has an additional 25 Manual fill articles directory sites as well.

Feature two

You will have the ability to edit the included Article Directory submissions sites! 

What if one of them closes down... you just delete it from the list of directories in the software.

What if another Article Directory site starts up that you want to submit to?  You just use the Add Directory button and add as many additional sites to the software as you can find!

We have 163 Directory sites already loaded in but you are welcome to load in as many more as you wish, also don't be fooled by other Article Submitting Software that claims to have more than 500 sites to list your articles to! 

These are SPAM MACHINES, that will have you looking like a fool in no time flat!  They will have you submitting articles where they are not wanted and many of them even post a link back to their software right in your articles that you submit.

No where in any articles you submit will you ever see any mention of us or our software, not to mention  the Article Directory owners will not have any idea you used a submission tool, your articles will look totally hand submitted.

Feature three

Article Submitter software stores all of your personal information, resource box, and articles.  It then will proceed one at a time to go to each of the articles sites for you, log you in and auto fill all of your content including your name, your article, your author resource box, even an article summery on any sites that ask for it!

You will then need to manually select a category- this is the only real way to make sure your article ends up in the right place when we are talking about 163 article sites.

You then click the submit button and bam... you have just submitted another article and it appears totally manual and natural to the article directory owner which is a must if you want your article to actually get published!

As you can see, my Article Submitter is EVERYTHING you need to start driving insane traffic to your web site using the magic of free articles.

Mini Report Generator

10 Ebooks with resale rights

Grab The Ten Info-Packed, Marketing Mini Reports and Just Point And Click Your Way To Instant Profits . . .

And you can use these reports in any way you like - For Example:

  Sell them individually or combined in new packages.
  Use them as bonuses to sell more of your own products
  Offer them as incentives to build your subscriber lists.
  Add them to your membership site. 

High Response Sales Letters - Learn the secrets to write sales letters that work
Internet Marketing Resources - 90 page Search Engine Optimisation Ebook

And Ebooks:

$72,506 a Year Without a Product
36 Ways to Promote Your Affiliate Programme
Affiliate Sales Booster
Affiliate Handbook
Affiliate roadmap
A+ Affiliate Secrets
Easy Afiliate Profits
How to manage and sell affiliate programmes
Master Affiliate Marketer
Super Affiliate Secrets Exposed

If bought individually on the internet, this would cost $522, your today for only $47......

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High Response Sales Letters


"How To Write High Response Sales Letters In Just 25 Minutes With These 6 Quick And Easy Steps That Work Every Single Time... Even If You've Never Written One Before!"

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Take a look at what this great software will do for you

And Ebooks

$72,506 a Year Without a Product

36 Ways to Promote Your Affiliate Programme

Affiliate Sales Booster

Affiliate Handbook

Affiliate roadmap

A+ Affiliate Secrets

How to manage and sell affiliate programmes

Master Affiliate Marketer

Super Affiliate Secrets Exposed

You may never get an opportunity like this again. I use all these tools and info to drive my internet marketing business as well as my traditional business and to promote my speaking and training consultancy.

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